My Favourite Part of Britain

There is a place in Scotland where I always go called Kincraig. It’s a very small village on the banks of Loch Insh. My family have been going there on holiday since we were teenagers. There are a lot of memories and it’s incredibly beautiful. You can do lots of things there …. walk, or not walk as I often choose to do. Go out on the lake … it’s just a wild and beautiful area. Occasionally my whole family meet up but we’re bigger than we used to be. There’s a wonderful B&B called Braeriach we go to a lot. I had my thirtieth birthday there and my mother is planning her sixtieth there later this year. It’s run by this lovely couple. My new novel, which is out next April, is set in this area, although not in a B&B but a ficticious hotel. It’s called The Distance Between Us. I loved writing it because it was a wonderful excuse to escape to that part of the world. It’s lovely to return there year after year.

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